LEADERG R4 Marsball Is Finally Here!

LEADERG INC. has released its LEADERG R4 software development kit (SDK) which makes the Artificial Intelligence much easier.


Does it happen to you that typing something into your mobile device takes forever? Maybe typing on a PC keyboard would be faster and easier? Or you might find yourself desperately alone and need a hand or a shoulder to lean against from somebody else but find nobody is around?


LEADERG INC. comes in your aid and releases its new generation of “LEADERG R4 Project”. The application not only unites search engine with voice recognition, but also merges face recognition and virtual facial display into its User Graphic Interface, making the interaction between you and your mobile device(s) more user-friendly. With only pressing the bottom, you are ready to go with your sole voice.


Marsball is the 4th and the latest generation of “Robot-Building Project”, also known as “LEADERG robot no. 4” for short. The goal of building such an A.I. software component is to greatly increase the accessibility of this technology into our own daily life. The software component bestows the natural language interacting capability once it is embedded into the host website or software. The basic principle is by adopting speech-to-text algorithm to identify the speaker’s sentences and/or phrases. Once analyzes the meaning behind the expression, Marsball links to the online search engine or makes an overall review within the device in search of relevant information. The results are delivered on the screen or via voice. The interaction becomes straight forward with the help of Marsball. 


By now, LEADERG INC. is currently developing a multi-platform API, which covers platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux; for both freelance and professional developers. You can find more resources including A.I. cloud APIs, SDKs, and Source Code samples on the official website. All these services are ready to download thanks to our high-end cloud computing technologies such as speech to text, A.I., neural network, fuzzy, deep learning, data mining, text to speech, image recognition. You are free to apply our API and SDK, along with lot of creativity and imagination, to realize your wildest dream. For more details, check at our Store.


But if you are not keen on building a program brick by brick, don’t worry. With some clicks away, you can also record and edit your personal voice library and customize your robot.



L4 Marsball.jpg

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