LEADERG APP is an easy-to-use AI software. It helps users without programming experience to quickly use AI tools.
2021-02-20 00:52:53
AI Algorithms, AI Model Zoo, Save Development Time, Electronic Copy and License, Permanent Authorization, One Year Download, One Year Technical Support
2021-02-20 00:54:07
AI Training Courses for defect inspection, medical image analysis, school lessons, surveillance, access control system, long-term care, and public safety etc.
2021-01-31 12:42:57
Use artificial intelligence software for image analysis, image classification, image detection, image segmentation, data analysis, etc., to help know new technologies
2021-01-28 03:37:23
Welcome to contact LeaderG for quotation. We will help you buy right products.
2021-01-09 16:55:52
Industry experience: wafer, packaging and testing, panel, copper foil, PCB, etc.
2020-11-07 01:31:07
Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy, Idea Design, Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center, SOGI, Fetnet E-book, Apacer, Roland
2020-11-07 01:30:57
Home Gateway, E-book, Communicator, IP Cam, Mobile Study, GPS, SMS Server, Audio Recorder
2020-11-07 01:30:46
2020-11-07 01:30:24
Our mission is to make AI simple by providing AI software and computers. We define our success by how many people we can help!
2021-02-16 11:10:42