Image analysis, image classification, image detection, image segmentation, data analysis, etc. Helping to know new technologies.
LEADERG APP is an easy-to-use AI software. It helps users without programming experience to quickly use AI tools.
AI Algorithms, AI Model Zoo, Save Development Time, Electronic Copy and License, Permanent Authorization, One Year Download, One Year Technical Support
AI education courses for defect inspection, medical image analysis, school lessons, surveillance, access control system, long-term care, and public safety etc.
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Industry experience: wafer, packaging and testing, panel, copper foil, PCB, etc.
Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Academy, Idea Design, Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center, SOGI, Fetnet E-book, Apacer, Roland
Home Gateway, E-book, Communicator, IP Cam, Mobile Study, GPS, SMS Server, Audio Recorder
Our mission is to make AI simple by providing AI software and education. We define our success by how many people we can help!