Internet of Things (IOT) application: LEADERG helped design the iOS app for Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC) to control Asante Genie Home Gateway.
2014-07-23 16:31:00
LEADERG helped design App for E-Book of True Enlightenment.
2014-07-11 01:50:56
Intel AppUp Store is an app store for Windows platform. We provided 15 APPs for Intel marketing.
2014-07-12 06:52:45
In-house Android APP is also provided.
2014-07-11 01:50:34
In-house iOS APPs for both iPhone and iPad. Provide realtime and statistic data to top management.
2015-08-17 01:37:18
iOS APPs for iPhone. Provide SIP VoIP, XMPP message, and LDAP functions.
2014-07-12 07:03:49
Audiobook and online broadcast.
2014-07-12 07:24:40
Mobile Study is an audio book app based on LEADERG DRM cloud platform.
2014-07-12 07:38:39