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LEADERG App4AI is an easy-to-use AI software. It is with a Windows user interface. AI training and inference can be done without programing. It helps users without programming experience to quickly use AI algorithms.






[ APP list]



Featured AI Image algorithms.


remark Image classification by using CSPNet.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11203


remark Image-to-Image Translation.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11240


APP FaceNet
remark Face recognition.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11236


APP HumanPose
remark Human body recognition.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11239


remark Instance segmentation by using Mask R-CNN.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11210


APP Model
remark Model transform.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11233


APP Pix2Pix
remark Image translation, change style.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11251


APP SuperResolution
remark The image is converted to super resolution.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11246


remark Image segmentation by using U-Net.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11230


remark Object detection by using YOLOv4.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11206



Featured AI Big Data algorithms.


remark Time series data analysis by using LSTM.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11225


APP XGBoostClassification
remark Data classification analysis by using XGBoost.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11218


APP XGBoostRegression
remark Data regression analysis by using XGBoost.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11212


APP XGBoostRegressionTimeSeries
remark Time series data regression analysis by using XGBoost.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11228



Featured AI Semantic Analysis algorithms.



Semantic processing by using BERT.

doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11459


remark Generate text.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11457


APP GPT2_Chinese
remark Generate Chinese text.
doc https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=11456




[ Operation steps and instructions ]


1. Unzip the file. After the download is complete, please exexute exe file to unzip it. Please make sure the file path is with pure English letters.




2. Open the app. Open the folder, find App4AI.exe, double click to open the application.




3. Select the language. You can choose the language you want to display, support English and Traditional Chinese.




4. Activate the application. If you have already activated the application, you can skip this step.

First, please click the [Activate] button, then enter your activation code and press enter key in the command window. When OK appears on the screen, the application is successfully activated. Finally, just restart the application and you can use App4AI.


Activate the app.png


5. Download APPs : Please click [Download APPs], select the APP you are interested in, and then click [Download].

After a while, the APP you selected will be in the APPs list.


Download APPs.png

Finish downloading the app.png


6. Browse APPs : Click this button to open the solution file location.


Open the APPs file location.png


7. Run APPs: Please click the APP you want to run in the APPs list.

For details of each APP, please refer to its operating instructions.


Run apps.png


Right-click on the APP to run the APP, open the location of the APP, or delete the APP.




8. Update : software update. Click this button to automatically upgrade the software to the latest App4AI version.


Update software.png


9. Docs and Videos : Click this button to get more articles and instructions on AI technology.


Docs and Videos.png


10. How To Buy : If App4AI meets your needs or want to use it further, please click this button to learn more.


How to buy.png



[ Software Download ]


LEADERG App4AI Windows 10 x64 edition: 




After downloading this software, please exexute exe file to unzip it. Please make sure the file path is with pure English letters.



[ Software Download ]


Please contact us to apply trial activation code for 2 weeks: leaderg@leaderg.com





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