LEADERG Cloud-based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System


Are you looking for a premium quality Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System designer?


LEADERG INC. can offer you and deliver the best AOI machines and services on the market!  :)



LEADERG INC. has successfully developed a cloud-based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System applicable for quality inspection of wafers and IC chips, as well as throughout the semiconductor device fabrication/manufacturing process.



LEADERG Cloud-based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System-1.png




  • LEADERG AOI Systems are equipped with a CCD high-speed camera and exclusive real-time control system, capable of acquiring and processing images even when the robotic arm is in motion—maximizing the inspection speed. LEADERG AOI System's UPH is 2 times faster than other similar products on the market.


  • LEADERG AOI Systems utilize exclusive cloud computing technologies for optimal computing and inspection performance, which makes LEADERG AOI System's overkill rate and underkill rate 2 times better than other similar products on the market.


  • LEADERG AOI Systems utilize big data technologies to provide the user with real-time yield rate analysis, allowing the user to find out where the problems lie on the production lines. 





This year, we have launched the following AOI system models (click the following links for further information!):


LEADERG A0: Compact Platform for Table-top Inspection


LEADERG A1 for Final Visual

LEADERG A2 for Die Saw

LEADERG A3 for Die Bond 

LEADERG A4 for Molding

LEADERG A5 for Marking


LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System

LEADERG A9 for Wafer Cassette




LEADERG Cloud-Based AOI Architecture-v2.1-20150610.png






If you are interested in our design, please contact us by e-mail:


E-mail: leaderg@leaderg.com



Thank you!


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