LEADERG AI ZOO (AI Software, AI Algorithms and Solutions, AI Model Zoo, Save Development Time)

Provide organized and useful artificial intelligence algorithms, which can be applied to product defect detection, medical image analysis, artificial intelligence teaching, crime detection and prevention, access control and attendance, smart long-term photography, public safety, etc. Help to save development time.



Turn the artificial intelligence algorithms into a web user interface that everyone can use. You can perform deep learning and analyze data without programing, and help to solve the industry's lack of AI talents.



Provide the source code and reference source. You can customize AI products for mass production by yourself. Free of royalties.



Built-in Python, CUDA, cuDNN, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch and other software packages and sample codes. Help to save the trouble of installing packages and finding sample codes.




Please refer to the following URL for the detail:


Global (English): https://www.openrobot.org/leaderg-ai-zoo


大陆港澳 (简体中文): https://cn.openrobot.org/leaderg-ai-zoo


台灣 (繁體中文): https://tw.openrobot.org/leaderg-ai-zoo





LEADERG-AI-ZOO-AI Software-Architecture-20200505.png



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