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Do you know only 5% of the world's population can code in the capacity of a professional software engineer?  In order to help the rest of 95% benefit from the competitive edge offered by artificial intelligence (A.I.), OpenR8: A.I. Algorithms GUI Software aims to lower the threshold of A.I. design through an easy-to-use graphical interface editor, enabling non-software background users to take advantage of A.I. without coding.


New OpenR8 technologies modularize A.I. algorithms and present them in an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), giving non-software background engineers ready access to adjust and design algorithms with ease.


In contrast to the hard-coded software in traditional AOI machines that does not allow users to easily expand and use on brand new products, presently, OpenR8 is used for automated optical inspection (AOI) of semiconductor products.  By allowing Professional Engineers (PE) and Equipment Engineers (EE) to easily apply new parameters to new products and generate new algorithms, OpenR8 solves the long-standing problem for fabrication plants as well as IC packaging and testing plants to efficiently inspect thousands of models on their production lines.  


At present, one of the major obstacles against traditional factories to implement "Industry 4.0" automatization is the difficulty to find good software engineers capable for this task. By offering a user friendly graphic user interface, OpenR8: A.I. Software for Everyone allows current Professional Engineers (PE) and Equipment Engineers (EE) of traditional factories to easily implement artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and big data analyses to the production lines.


For representative products, LEADERG INC. will offer sample recipes that handily allow our clients' Professional Engineers (PE) and Equipment Engineers (EE) to use for new algorithm designs.


Right now, OpenR8 is also authorized for equipment manufacturers' use, helping the manufacturers to cut down development cost and to save invaluable time.




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[Graphical User Interface (GUI) of OpenR8: A.I. Software for Everyone]


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