USTV Media Introduced Algorithm Engineering and LEADERG's "Mars Ball" A.I. Component


USTV Media introduced the hottest job right now--"algorithm engineer," using "Mars Ball," the artificial intelligence product of LEADERG INC. as an example.



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"Mars Ball" is a new media platform.  Its background management system can be connected to different types of media, improving the accuracy of personalized news and advertisement push.  The "Mars Ball" robot is an artificial intelligence software component, which can be grafted into Apps and websites to provide vision and speech interaction, lowering barriers to entry into artificial intelligence market.


"Mars Ball" has speech recognition capabilities to convert speech to text.  It can also automatically generate interactive dialogue through its artificial intelligence algorithms, while providing text-to-speech conversion services.  Moreover, users can also customize the virtual "emotions" and "expressions" on the user interface of "Mars Ball," with an option to customize the robot's knowledge base to suit the user's individual needs.



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