LEADERG's "Mobile Study" Awarded "Best of Cultural and Creative Industries Apps" in APP STAR National Contest!


Congratulations!  LEADERG's "Mobile Study" App Won the "Best of Cultural and Creative Industries Apps" in the APP STAR National Contest, hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan (R.O.C.)!  



We were shortlisted for the final Top 10 in this rather competitve national contest among 800 registered teams!



LEADERG INC Mobile Study Award-3.png



"Mobile Study" is an App platform for audio books, developed with copyright protection technologies and cloud platform services by LEADERG Inc.  The App includes the following features:


  1. CD-quality Sound


  2. Radio Programs On Demand


  3. Facebook Links


  4. Multiple Payment Methods via PayPal, Google Checkout, Escrow, or ATM Bank Account Transfer


  5. Contents Search


  6. Digital Rights Management (DRM) Encryption


  7. Automatic Detection of Available Software Upgrades


  8. Easy to List and Preview Items



You can find more information on the product of "Mobile Study" here:




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LEADERG INC Mobile Study Award-1.jpg





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