Founder of LEADERG INC. Invited to Speak at 2016 DIGITIMES Forum on "Software/Hardware Integration in Intelligent Robotics"


On 19 January 2016, Mr. Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC., gave a talk on "Software/Hardware Integration in Intelligent Robotics" at the 2016 DIGITIMES Forum "Internet of Things (IoT) Embedded Systems Technologies: Intelligent Systems and Intelligent Automation."  



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Enhancing Performance of AOI Systems with Cloud Computing and Big Data Analyses


Mr. Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC., gave an in-depth introduction on "Software/Hardware Integration in Intelligent Robotics" at the 2016 DIGITIMES Forum "Internet of Things (IoT) Embedded Systems Technologies: Intelligent Systems and Intelligent Automation."  Software companies have a particular edge in robotics research and development, Li pointed out, since among the initial costs of most robotics projects, of which 15% goes to electromechanics, 35% goes to hardware and mechanical design, while the rest 50% all comes down to software design.


LEADERG INC. specializes in developing broadly defined collaborative robot products with the ultimate goal of helping people; in other words, people are LEADERG's true focus, while robots play a more assistive role.  Through human-machine collaboration, Li and his team see robots as helpers and performers of tasks, acting under human supervision and decisions; as enhancement of human beings, rather than replacement.  In 2015, LEADERG INC. launched a series of cloud-based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems applicable for quality inspection of wafers and IC chips for semiconductor sector; by using an innovative cloud computing architecture, the UPH and accuracy rate of LEADERG's AOI systems are both two times better than other similar products on the market, international brands included.



A Full-range Product Line Offering Optimal, End-to-end Automated Production Services


As recently inspection items have progressed from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, many traditional, single-machine computing AOI systems of wafers and IC chips are swiftly overwhelmed and bogged down by overloaded CPUs with limited computational resources.  This is exactly where LEADERG Cloud-based AOI systems shines: Their innovated cloud computing and storage technologies enable efficient, effective big data analyses that give their user customers an unbeatable edge over business competitors.


During his talk, Mingta Li futher introduced the cloud computing architecture of LEADERG AOI systems, which connects office terminals and machines on production lines to IT servers by way of high-speed Internet.  By doing so, LEADERG AOI systems allow process engineers to easily tap into cloud data storage and analysis servers from the comfort of their offices, enabling them not only to conduct cloud images and big data analyses with ease but to grasp causes of fluctuations in production capacity and yield rates in real time. 


In 2015, LEADERG INC. launched a line of AOI systems, from models A1 to A8, to provide their clients a fuller range of localized, customized, and immediate robotics solution services.  Model A1 for Final Visual, suitable for inspection of integrated circuit (IC) packages, has a repertoire of 27 inspection items in total and is equipped with high-speed, real-time control system, capable of acquiring and analyzing images even when the robotic arm is in motion; A2 for Die Saw, suitable for inspecting post-dicing wafers, is capable of 21 different inspection categories; A3 for Die Bond, with 21 inspection categories, is armed with an agile robotic arm and "Six-at-Once" simultaneous multi-angle camera shot; A4 for Molding and A5 for Marking each have a range of 28 and 21 inspection items, respectively; A6 for SAT (Scanning Acoustic Tomography) is a cloud processing server that offers SAT image analyses by way of webpage interface and cloud computing; A7 is used for Model Number inspection.  A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System, on the other hand, is an AOI inspection module completed with adjustable light source, high-speed camperas and lens, a monitor screen, and a host computer; equpped with options including fully adaptable IC parameters, inspection parameters, and an automatic mechanism to halt production after defects in product appear consecutive times, the module was specifically developed to enhance the performance of current Trim/Form machines.  On A8, operators can also use the "Overview" feature as well as set up region of interests (ROI) on the images of the inspected IC chips.


Aiming to solve the inefficient CPU computating problems currently prevalent among single-machine AOI systems in the semiconductor industry, said Mingta Li, LEADERG INC. combined exclusive cloud computing, real-time control, and big data analysis technologies to launch this line of cost-efficient software/hardware integrated AOI systems that are of original, never-before-seen designs either in Taiwan or on overseas market.  Better yet, Li and his team offers their clients these accurate and high-speed solutions on a high price-performance ratio, providing their cutomized services on an affordable local price range to help lifting the clients' competitiveness in the industry.



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