Founder of LEADERG INC. Invited to Speak at DOIT Forum on "Software/Hardware Integration"


On 16 April 2014,  Mr. Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC., was invited to speak at the April 2014 DOIT Forum on "Software/Hardware Integration."





Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG Inc.


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LEADERG INC. specializes in software/hardware integration.  In the beginning of 2014, we launched "Robot Network," an online robotic/cloud service that can turn a common personal comupter into a robot--and this robot can in turn control surrounding electronic devices with Internet connection and ultrared rays.  Once the user connects with our App, they can then remote control the robot and conduct wireless image monitoring and speech control.



  • In March 2014, we campaigned on Project "Adopt a Pet" over the crowd-funding platform 104+ Dream Cradle, promoting the awareness and adoption of stray animals.  We offered a video streaming service, MySNG, that allowed instant display of the interaction between stray animals and shelter volunteers to increase the animals' chances of being adopted.  The project was a resounding success—we exceeded 134% of our crowd-funding goal.


  • In April, we launched Aquarium SNG, a video streaming/remote control application that allowed users to adjust the lighting levels and motor status of a distant aquarium.


  • For May, we have been invited by Intel to exhibit our cardboard robot designed with Intel Development Board in Maker Faire Taipei.  


  • At the end of May, we will also join the Taiwanese entrepreneurs' visiting party to Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Seattle, with the aim to broaden our global market.



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