Bnext Media Interviewed Founder of LEADERG INC. on Present and Future Missions of Company


The following text and photograph are both from Bnext Media (數位時代) website, used with thanks.  This is only an excerpt of the original interview; for the full contents in Chinese, please click on the article (written by 陳湘庭) on Bnext website:



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Mingta Li, founder of LEADERG INC. (middle of front) and his team.  (Photographer: 林衍億)




[Lessons Learned from Starting My Own Business]


Mingta Li:  Our "edge" lies in what we do best, so that's exactly where we should start from.



Q1.  Judging from the current status of market, what do you consider the "edge" of LEADERG INC. and the services it provides?


We are much more flexible in the face of changes than most large companies; our compact size allows us to develope suitable products and services to match emerging market needs a lot more faster, as well. 


Q2.  In the long run, what kind of company do you want LEADERG to become?


LEADERG Inc. would like to eventually become the portal site to robotic solutions, providing end-to-end robotic services such as robotics news, technologies, forums, designs, and online robots shop.  We will also conduct open source code robotics projects.


Company Size:  


Currently, we have 18 people on our team.


Projects and Services:  


LEADERG INC. is a robot design house, a provider of high quality robot solutions.  Our mission is to build and offer world-class robot solutions to improve the life and workplace conditions of people around the world.


Founding Date:  


December 2004.


Target User:  


We provide common users with a lively online robotics community to discuss relevant topics; we also have an online shop selling various robot software and hardware.  For developers, we offer robot software development kit (robot SDK) and many robot online services.  For business and government sectors, we offer customized project services.


Business Model:  


At present, our main source of revenue comes from customized projects.




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