Featured by Sina Finance! LEADERG INC. Presented "Bid Yun" Auction Cloud at Demo China 2012


LEADERG's presentation of "Bid Yun" auction cloud at Demo China 2012 was covered by Sina Finance, one of the most prominent Chinese online news companies!



Demo China is currently the largest start-up competition in China.  The 77 contestants this year were selected from more than 2,000 start-up companies from 12 cities.  In 2012, the Finals were held in the Dragon Hotel of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.


Please click on the following link for the Sina Finance feature article:



"LEADERG INC.: 'Bid Yun' Auction Cloud, Your Instant Helper on Call"





LEADERG at Demo China 2012.png


(Image Source: screen capture of the above Sina Finance article, used with acknowledgements.)



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