SET Finance Channel's Feature Report on Mobile App Design Interviewed Founder of LEADERG INC.!


SET Finance Channel interviewed Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC., for the 4th installment in a feature report series, exploring how to design a game-changing and profitable mobile App.



The guests for this episode inculde:


  • Min-Tsui Chen, Director of App E-Park, Institute for Information Industry (III)


  • Mingta Li, Founder of LEADERG INC.


  • John Jaw-Hong Liao, Chief Development Officer for University and Industry Collaboration, Chinese Culture University


  • William, Company Spokesman of PK Wine




SET Finance Channel's Feature Report on App.png



The interview with Mr. Mingta Li starts at 0:33 of this video:


To develope an attractive and profitable mobile App product, the designer must first ensure that the users can profit from the App, said Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC. and a veteran in software design.


"For instance, currently I'm designing a telephone cost-saving App.  When a customer dials to your office at a time when no one can pick up the phone, the call will be automatically transferred to this App.  Previously, this call would be transferred to a GSM mobile phone, which would cost NT$5 per minute; now the call will be automatically routed to the App for free, potentially reducing millions of dollars for users in telephone charges alone."




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