LEADERG A0: Compact Platform for Table-top Inspection - LEADERG Cloud-based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System


Are you looking for a compact, light-weight, high-accuracy Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System for modest-scale visual inspection in university laboratories or inside the offices of small and medium enterprises?


Are you already frustrated with human misjudgment, inspection inefficiency, multiple defects, and low customer satisfaction currently on your production lines?


Relief has arrived--look no further than LEADERG A0: Compact Platform for Table-top Inspection! :)



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  • Length 120 cm * Width 78 cm * Height 158 cm(camera stand included)



  • 400-million-pixel, high-speed camera
  • built-in light source, aluminum extrusion chassis, aluminum table-top, stainless steel panels (brushed finish)
  • Customized software solutions available on demand (for an additional fee)
  • Suitable for precise inspection of product appearances (including IC and wafer inspection)



  • Affordable price, suitable for university laboratories or the offices of small and medium size enterprises
  • Compact-size model for easy transporation, easily fit into common passenger elevators





LEADERG Cloud-based AOI System - 

LEADERG A0: Compact Platform for Table-top Inspection



Our Competitive Advantages:



1.  "All-Purpose" Design for Easy Customization to Suit Individual Needs: 


  • Light-weight, Compact Model Design for Easy Modification and Affordable Price:  LEADERG A0 is designed to perform in limited space.  It can easily fit into common passenger elevators, suitable for university laboratories or the offices of small and medium size enterprises; it is also suitable to perform as a highly efficient off-production-line inspection station in factories.  


  • Localized, Customized, and Immediate Service:  Our locally based teams of engineers can quickly cutomize, modify, and test our AOI systems to suit your production lines' special needs.  No waiting necessary!




2. Detail-Oriented, Affordable Local Price Range Hardware Design with Imported Grade High Quality:


  • Stainless Steel-Plated, State-of-the-Art Chassis:  Our attention to every hardware design detail helps to extend our product's service life and reduce maintenance cost.


  • End-to-end System Design:  We are specialized in cost-efficient software/hardware integrated design.  With locally sourced high-quality hardware parts and update-on-demand software design, we can meet our clients' every needs with most cost-efficient solutions.



Accurate, high-speed, high price-performance ratio!


Most cost-efficient AOI System, but with optimal results!


Choose LEADERG and let your products LEAD the market!



Allow us to design optimal-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed AOI solutions for your production lines with best results in mind!





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