LEADERG A3 for Die Bond - LEADERG Cloud-based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System


Are you looking for a high-speed, high-accuracy Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System for post die bonding inspection?    


Are you already frustrated with human misjudgment, inspection inefficiency, low yield rate, and low customer satisfaction currently on your production lines?


Relief has arrived--look no further than LEADERG Cloud-based AOI System - LEADERG A3! :)




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Mission of This Production Stage:


The die bonding process is where individual dies are attached to lead frames (L/F), the metal structure within the chip package, either with the use of epoxy glue or the eutectic bonding technique under certain temperature. 


LEADERG A3 for Die Bond can perform highly efficient and effective visual inspection, screening exterior defects prior to wire bonding process, while offering accurate yield rate analyses. 





In the Past, You Only Have These Options:


1.  Screening with Human Visual Inspection (Aided by a Magnifying Glass):


-  Limited human reliability in die and wafer inspection, while causing severe eye strain in operators


-  Highly variable in quality of each shipment, subject to individual operators' own judgment


-  High underkill rate, adding to growing customer dissatisfaction


-  Labor intensive and inefficient, with steep administrative and managerial cost



2.  Screening with Other AOI Systems on the Market: 


-  Steep financial and time cost of imported machine purchases and maintainence


-  Limited after-sales service and support; lack of flexibility in adjusting to immediate production changes


-  Uncertain and unstable results, when trying to meet your company's requirement of inspection speed and accuracy





LEADERG Cloud-based AOI System - 

LEADERG A3 for Die Bond 



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Our Competitive Advantages:



1.  A Customized, End-to-end Product Design to Suit Local Needs: 


  • Localized, Customized, and Immediate Service:  Our locally based teams of engineers can quickly cutomize, modify, and test our AOI systems to suit your production lines' special needs.  No waiting necessary!


  • End-to-end System Design:  We are specialized in cost-efficient software/hardware integrated design.  With locally sourced high-quality hardware parts and update-on-demand software design, we can meet our clients' every needs with most cost-efficient solutions.




2. Detail-Oriented, Affordable Local Price Range Hardware Design with Imported Grade High Quality:


  • Stainless Steel-Plated, State-of-the-Art Chassis:  Our attention to every hardware design detail helps to extend our product's service life and reduce maintenance cost.


  • "Six-at-Once" Simultaneous Multi-Angle Camera Shot:  Combining an agile robotic arm with six cameras covering six different angles, our unique "six-at-once" multi-angle filming allows our clients to inspect individual die from above, below, the front, the back, the left, and the right of it, reducing inspection and response time.

3. Two Exclusive Technologies to Exceed Our Clients' Expectations:


  • Exclusive Cloud Computing Technology:  Our highly effective algorithms and cloud computing design will yield immediate improvement in the underkill and overkill rate of your product inspection, exceeding industry standard by far!


  • Exclusive Big Data Analysis Technology:  Our AOI System is capable of real-time analysis of product yield rate, helping our clients to quickly discover the crux of the problem on their production lines!





Accurate, high-speed, high price-performance ratio!


Most cost-efficient AOI System, but with optimal results!


Choose LEADERG and let your products LEAD the market!



LEADERG Cloud-based AOI Architecture-1.png


(LEADERG Cloud-based AOI System, Cloud Computing Architecture)




Inspection Items:


Topside Chipping  
Backside Chipping  
Chip Crack  
Die Tilt  
Chip Lifted  
Die Orientation  
Die Rotation  
Epoxy on Chip  
Die Scratch  
Chip Position  
INK Chip  
Without D/A  
L/F Foreign Material  
L/F Deformation  
Epoxy on Lead  
Epoxy Coverage around Chip  
Epoxy on Finger  
Finger Foreign Material Residue  
Foreign Material on Chip  
Gold Finger Discolor  
Foreign Material on Ball Pad  
Substrate Scratch  
Epoxy Overflow (LOC)  



Allow us to design optimal-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed AOI solutions for your production lines with best results in mind!




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