Use Python's pySerial package for serial port control.
Use OpenCV functions to analyze connected components of images.
Model conversion, an example of ONNX conversion to OpenVINO.
Use the method of rotating and adjusting the brightness to perform the image augmentation.
Model conversion, an example of Keras conversion to ONNX.
Use the feature comparison method to stitch the images.
Pix2Pix style conversion. Output the original image to the learned image style. For example: convert black and white to color, edge map to photo.
Adjust the image size in batches.
The MaskRCNN algorithm is used to count and segment image objects, which can be applied to medical image analysis, fish image analysis, biological image analysis, etc.
Generate one-dimensional barcode images of code39 and code128.
PSGAN can be used to apply makeup to a face image.
Test XGBoost uses GPU for training.
Use Support Vector Machine (SVM) to classify Iris flowers.
Examples of reading and writing Excel files.
Examples of reading and writing CSV files.
Use Python's matplotlib package to generate stock data (opening, closing, highest, lowest) charts.
Read JSON from the file and write JSON to the file.
The YOLOv4 solution can be applied to factory defect detection, medical image analysis, biological image analysis, industrial safety image analysis, etc.
Use 3D ResNets to classify images (videos).
Use LPRNet for license plate recognition.
Use Ganomaly for image anomaly detection.
Use LightGBM to predict housing prices.
Use LightGBM to predict the survival of Titanic passengers.
Use Gradient Boosting to predict housing prices.
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