USTV Media introduced the hottest job "algorithm engineer," using "Mars Ball," the artificial intelligence product of LEADERG INC. as an example.
SET Finance Channel interviewed Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC., exploring how to design a game-changing and profitable mobile App.
LEADERG's presentation of "Bid Yun" auction cloud at Demo China 2012 was covered by Sina Finance, one of the most prominent Chinese online news companies
LEADERG's "Bid Yun Auction Cloud" App was shortlisted both for "IDEAS Show 2012" (on 18 July) and DEMO CHINA (on 23 August) startup contests!
"Mobile Study" is an App platform for audio books, developed with copyright protection technologies and cloud platform services by LEADERG INC.
LEADERG INC. has released its LEADERG R4 software development kit (SDK) which makes the Artificial Intelligence much easier.
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