Mobile Study



MOBILE STUDY is a multimedia platform based on LEADERG DRM cloud service. This wonderful platform is not only for one-way digital content publishing, but also for two-ways communication between readers and publisher.


MOBILE STUDY APP provides great mobile ability. No matter where you are, this APP can provide you fantastic spirit SPA through audio media. With this APP, you could enjoy the audio during driving, jogging, and even house keeping.


MOBILE STUDY TEAM members are from culture, media, and technology industries. We love to study and share all the time. And we believe "audio" is the best media to inspire imagination. The Laureate of Golden Bell Award, Andy Wang, will make sure the audio media is in high quality.


MOBILE STUDY PRODUCTS in our catalog are book review, fairy tales, and crosstalk. Especially the Fairy tales, our dream is to provide a wonderful family time for the kids. In the future, we will also develop audio books, eBooks, and other creative audio products.


Let's enjoy MOBILE STUDY together now!