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The easy-to-use tools for common image processing include image reading, image saving, grayscale conversion, binarization, and connection to find objects.


[Instructions for use]  




1. Basic tools


tool list.png


2. File operations


1) Open image file




2) Save picture, save as picture.

Press Save. Save the currently processed picture, it will overwrite the original image.

Click Save As. Save the picture that is currently processed.


save_save as new.png  

3. Image processing.



1) Grayscale: Convert the picture to grayscale.

Press OK to confirm the grayscale conversion; press Cancel to cancel the conversion.



Input image : View the input picture.



Output image : View the finished grayscale image.




2) Binarization : Convert the picture to binary (black and white)


Input :

Input image : View the input picture.

Method : Binarization method.

Threshold : The threshold of binarization is only applicable to binarization methods with parameters.

For example, OTSU does not need to set this value.



Output image : View the picture after binarization.



3) Connected components : Find the connected area and get the location to mark it.


Input :

Input image : View the input image, the input image must be a black and white image after binarization. The white area in the picture is the target found for this step.

If the image is not black and white, you can first use binarization to filter out the target.

minWidth : Minimum width of the area found.

maxWidth : Maximum width of found area.

minHeight : Minimum height of the area found.

maxHeight : Maximum height of found area.

minArea : Minimum area of the area found.

maxArea : Maximum area of found area.



Output :

Output image : View the processed images of connected components and marked objects.

Output json : Record the coordinate position of the connected area (object) in Json format.


connected components.png  


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