LEADERG AI-C4140 Artificial Intelligence Server ( OpenR8 AI Software Professional Edition Permanent authorization, Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140, Xeon 4114, TESLA V100 32GB

[Product desciption]


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[Hardware Specifications]


1. CPU: Intel Xeon 4114 2.2G, 10C/20T, 9.6GT/s, 14M  cache memory, Turbo, HT (85W), 10 core 20 threads, very powerful computing power.


2. RAM: 32GB(16GB DDR4 2400 ECC Memory X 2), with error correction, make sure that the contents of the memory are not wrong, you can purchase upgrades to 128GB.


3.GPU: NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB 4 sheets, the world's most advanced data center GPU, designed to accelerate artificial intelligence, designed for the speed of HPC and graphics,the speed is very fast


4. SSD: 1.6TB, NVMe, PCI-E


5. MB: Server level motherboard


6. Power: Double, hot swap + backup power supply, 2000W, need to use C19/C20 power cord


7. Cooling: High performance fan.


8. Case: 1U rack mount


9. Monitor: Without a monitor,  please purchase separately.


10. Keyboard: Without keyboard, please purchase separately.


11. Mouse: Without mouse, please purchase separately.


12. Warranty: Dell Global Hardware Warranty for three years (limited to non-natural disasters and man-made disasters, non-special work environment)


13. Upgrade: CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD , HDD and peripheral equipment can be upgraded.


14. Delivery period:Within two months, according to the status of the display card out of stock.





[Software Specifications]


1. OS: Pre-install Windows 10 64-bit Professional and optimized settings, can be upgraded to Windows Server version.In addition, you can also be installed instead of customer Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS


2. SW: Pre-install  NVIDIA CUDA, NVIDIA cuDNN, Caffe, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch ,Built-in OpenR8 AI software professional version Permanent authorization (Free upgrade for the new version within 3 years ( https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=10985 )


3. Lesson: Provide 1 hour Zoom video operation teaching.



[ Ordering method ]


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