LEADERG AI-R740 Artificial Intelligence Server   (OpenR8 AI Software Professional Edition Permanent authorization , Dell EMC PowerEdge R740, Xeon 4114, TESLA V100)

[Product desciption]


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[Hardware Specifications]


1. CPU: Intel Xeon 4114 2.2G, 9.6GT/s , 14M cache memory, Turbo, HT (85W), 10 core 20 threads, very powerful computing power.


2. RAM: 32GB(16GB DDR4 2400 ECC Memory X 2),with error correction, make sure that the contents of the memory are not wrong, you can purchase upgrades to 128GB.


3.GPU: NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB, the world's most advanced data center GPU, designed to accelerate artificial intelligence, designed for the speed of HPC and graphics, the speed is very fast, can upgrade GPU


4. SSD: 960GB SSD ultra-fast large capacity


5. MB: Server level motherboard


6. Power: Double, hot swap + backup power supply (1+1), 1100W


7. Cooling: High performance fan.


8. Case: 2U rack-mount, Chassis depth: 715.5mm


9. Monitor: Without a monitor,  please purchase separately.


10. Keyboard: Without keyboard, please purchase separately.


11. Mouse: Without mouse, please purchase separately.


12. Warranty: Dell Global Hardware Warranty for three years (limited to non-natural disasters and man-made disasters, non-special work environment)


13. Upgrade: CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD , HDD and peripheral equipment can be upgraded.


14. Delivery period: Two months.


[Software Specifications]


1. OS: Pre-install Windows 10 64-bit Professional and optimized settings, can be upgraded to Windows Server version.In addition, you can also be installed instead of customer Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS


2. SW: Pre-install  NVIDIA CUDA, NVIDIA cuDNN, Caffe, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch ,Built-in OpenR8 AI software professional version Permanent authorization (Free upgrade for the new version within 3 years ( https://www.leaderg.com/article/index?sn=10985 )


3. Lesson: Provide 1 hour Zoom video operation teaching.



[ Ordering method ]


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