Business Weekly Issue 1542 Introduced LEADERG R8 A.I. Algorithms GUI Software!


(The following excerpt and images are originally from Business Weekly Magazine, Issue 1542.)



LEADERG R8: A.I. Algorithms GUI Software aims to help traditional factories to implement "Industry 4.0" automatization by providing easy adjustment of algorithms and individual parameters without the need to code. LEADERG R8 can be used not only in combination with AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) machines from other brands, but it can also collect and analyze the yield rate of each production line, enabling Product Engineers (PE) to effectively improve the production process.



*For the full article, please see the latest issue of Business Weekly Magazine (Issue 1542, 5 June 2017).!



Business Weekly 1542-LEADERG R8 A.I. Algorithms GUI Software.png



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