Founder of LEADERG INC. Invited to Talk about Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Internet of Things (IoT)


On Wednesday, 24 May 2017, at 4 pm, Mr. Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC, was invited to share his hands-on industry experience and knowledge in his talk about "Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Internet of Things (IoT)"  at the Applications and Technologies of Embedded AI Conference at the Taipei Training Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). 


In the same conference, speakers from Microsoft Taiwan, Answer Technology Co., Ltd. also talked about topics like artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, embedded machine learning and machine vision techonologies, and the current trends in the development of artificial intelligence in cloud computing.



Event Information of the Applications and Technologies of Embedded AI Conference 2017:



20170524-Mingta Li-Embedded AI for IoT-2.png



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