Creating Value from Technology-based Services: Learning & Development Magazine Interviewed Founder of LEADERG INC.


"In the future, factory operators will be promoted to supervisors of robots, responsible for the operation and maintenance of both robotic hardware and user interface," said Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC. in a recent interview of Learning & Development Magazine.


(The following excerpt and images are originally from Learning & Development Magazine, published by China Productivity Center; reposted with official permission from Learning & Development Magazine.)



Creating Value from Technology-based Services:

Learning & Development Magazine Interviewed Founder of LEADERG INC.



Aricle Source:China Productivity Center, Learning & Development Magazine (June 2016)


Text:呂玉娟     Photography:陳信翰


Publishing Date:15 June 2016




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Following the "Industry 4.0" trend from Germany that encourages data exchange and automated manufacturing technologies, intelligent automations/robots have become the hit issue again.  According to Transparency Market Research, the global market value of intelligent robots will exceed 4.98 billion USD by 2020.  Countries that refuse to embrance this so-called "fourth industrial revolution" will soon be losing their competitive edge.


LEADERG INC., a Taipei-based company specializing in developing robotic technologies and services, are more than ready for the rapidly growing market and demand for robots.  "For common users, we provide both an online store for robotic software/hardware products and an energetic robotics community wherein users from everywhere can exchange exciting ideas; for developers, we offer robot SDK and robotic Web services; for company clients and government sectors, we offer customized robots design services to best suit their needs," said Mingta Li, the Founder and Chairman of LEADERG INC.



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(Photo Credit:China Productivity Center, Learning & Development Magazine




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