LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System - LEADERG Cloud-based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Module



Are you looking for a high-speed, high-accuracy Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Module to enhance the performance of your Trim and Form Station?    


Are you already frustrated with machine misjudgment, inspection inefficiency, multiple defects, and low customer satisfaction currently on your production lines?


Relief has arrived--look no further than LEADERG Cloud-based AOI Module - LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System! :)




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Mission of This Production Stage:


Trim and Form process is where the IC packages are separated and trimmed, with the leads on the packages being bent into the final end-use designs.  During this semiconductor assembly process, defects that might appear in IC packages include different body sizes, uneven trimming, wrong number of leads, or damaged leads.


LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System is a highly efficient AOI module specifically designed to enhance the performance of your existent Trim/Form machines.  LEADERG A8 can perform real-time high-speed visual inspection, allowing the user to monitor product quality directly on the production lines.  LEADERG A8 can also automatically enter "Production Shutdown" mode and halt production immediately when certain defects appear in consecutive times.  Upgrade your current Trim/Form machines today and see your product yield rate skyrocket! 





In the Past, You Only Have These Options:


1.  Screening with Naked-eye Visual Inspection:


-  Limited human reliability in IC inspection, while causing severe eye strain in operators


-  Highly variable in quality of each shipment, subject to individual operators' own judgment


-  High underkill rate, adding to growing customer dissatisfaction


-  Labor intensive and inefficient, with steep administrative and managerial cost



2.  Screening with Other AOI Modules on the Market: 


-  Steep financial and time cost of imported machine purchases and maintainence


-  Limited after-sales service and support; lack of flexibility in adjusting to immediate production changes


-  Uncertain and unstable results, when trying to meet your company's requirement of inspection speed and accuracy





LEADERG Cloud-based AOI Module - 

LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System 



LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form Module consists of fully adjustable light source, high-speed cameras and lens, a monitor screen, and a host computer.  The Module was specifically developed to enhance the performance of current Trim/Form machines.



1. Highly efficient, accurate, and user friendly visual inspection system: After all the inspection options and IC parameters are adjusted to the standard of your production line, LEADERG A8 can detect various product defects, including "Body Size," "Lead Count," "Bent Lead," "Uncut Dam Bar," "Lead Broken," "Lead Damage / Flash on Lead," and "Lead without Shoulder."



LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim Form System-IC Parameters.png  LEADERG A8-Inspection Parameters.png


(LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System AOI Module -- IC Parameters Settings, Inspection Options Settings)






2. Easy-to-set Threshold for "Consecutive Defects Shutdown Mode" for Your Individual Needs:  LEADERG A8 can perform real-time product quality monitoring.  When the System detects that certain defects in product are appearing in consecutive times, it will automatically stop the manufacturing process, so the user can proceed with quality control mechanisms directly on the production lines.  


Furthermore, LEADERG A8 allows users to self-determine and set up the "Threshold parameters" on the Consecutive Defects Shutdown Mode; namely, the user can decide when and how the System should enter production shutdown (i.e. how many times defects appear on the production line consecutively), so as to maximize product yield rate and manufacturing efficiency.




LEADERG A8-Consecutive Defects Shutdown Mode.png


(LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System AOI Module, "Consecutive Defects Shutdown Mode" Threshold Settings)






3. Clear Images with Easy-to-use User Interface and "Learning" function:  Based on the adjustable region of interest (ROI) settings, LEADERG A8 can automatically detect the locations of other IC chips in the camera-captured images, count up the number of leads, and display the ROI and serial number of each IC chip; when operating in Batch Analysis mode, the user can also turn on the "Overview" feature, in order to browse through all the inspection results at a glance.



LEADERG A8-ROI Settings.png  LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim Form System-Overview.png


(LEADERG A8 for YAMADA Trim & Form System AOI Module, Region of Interest on IC Chips Settings, "Overview" Feature Settings)





Inspection Items: 


Body Size


Lead Count


Bent Lead


Uncut Dambar


Lead Broken


Lead Damage / Flash on Lead


Shoulder Length






Allow us to design optimal-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed AOI solutions for your production lines with best results in mind!







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