LEADERG A6 for SAT - LEADERG Cloud-based Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Service


Are you looking for a high-speed, high-accuracy Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) analysis software for SAT (Scanning Acoustic Tomography) testing?    


Are you already frustrated with human misjudgment, inspection inefficiency, low yield rate, and low customer satisfaction currently on your production lines?


Relief has arrived--look no further than LEADERG Cloud-based AOI Service - LEADERG A6! :)





Mission of This Production Stage:


Scanning Acoustic Tomography (SAT) is kind of non-destructive test, useful in detecting cracks, voids, and delaminations within sealed IC packages.  Since an ultrasonic pulse travels through medium of different density at different velocity, by measuring the different "time of flight" within a scanned target object, a specialized software can then form a SAT image and determine the presence or absence of a foreign body within the IC package.


LEADERG A6 for SAT can perform highly efficient and effective inspection, using exclusive cloud computing technologies to enhance the efficacies of current SAT machines.  LEADERG A6 for SAT can screen possible voids, cracks, delaminations and other interior defects of IC packages prior to final visual inspection, while offering accurate yield rate analyses. 




In the Past, You Only Have These Options:


1.  Screening with Human Visual Inspection:


-  Limited human reliability in die and wafer inspection, while causing severe eye strain in operators


-  Highly variable in quality of each shipment, subject to individual operators' own judgment


-  High underkill rate, adding to growing customer dissatisfaction


-  Labor intensive and inefficient, with steep administrative and managerial cost



2.  Screening with Other AOI Systems on the Market: 


-  Steep financial and time cost of imported machine purchases and maintainence


-  Limited after-sales service and support; lack of flexibility in adjusting to immediate production changes


-  Uncertain and unstable results, when trying to meet your company's requirement of inspection speed and accuracy





LEADERG Cloud-based AOI Service - 




LEADERG A6 for SAT is a cloud-based AOI service that offers Scanning Acoustic Tomography (SAT) image analyses by way of webpage interface and cloud computing, suitable for expanding and enhancing inspection efficacues of current SAT machines on the market.



Innovated Technologies:


1. Enhanced image processing performance of SAT machines through "cloud computing" technologies!


At present, there is no similar cloud-based AOI image computing service on the market. 



2. Enhanced big data analysis performance of SAT machines through "cloud storage" technologies! 


At present, there is no similar cloud-based AOI big data analysis service on the market. 




Hardware Features


The hardware side of this system consists of 2 PC servers, 1 of them acting as the back-up server.




Product Functions Architecture


LEADERG A6 for SAT - architecture.png



1. LEADERG A6 for SAT uses cloud computing technologies to help analyze SAT images, capable of enhanceingthe performance of existing SAT machines


2. Detailed analysis reports and SAT images will upload to LEADERG A6 for SAT Analysis Server via webpage.


3. Summaries of image analyses will be uploaded to IT Server via Ethernet.





Software Features


1. Equipped with fully adjustable inspection parameters and recipe settings according to individual needs, this system can provide real-time analyses of SAT images and automatically generate data analysis reports via webpage


2. The PC Server can simultaneously support multiple SAT machines, analyzing images at once.


3. The PC Server can automatically upload analysis data to IT Server, allowing ultimate ease to connect LEADERG A6 for SAT AOI Service to pre-existent information systems.



Inspection Items:


Package Crack


Chip Crack















Allow us to design optimal-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed AOI solutions for your production lines with best results in mind!




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