LEADERG R5: Humanoid Collaborative Robot


From Friday, 22 April to Monday, 25 April, LEADERG INC. will for the first time exhibit LEADERG R5: Dual-arm Humanoid Collaborative Robot at the 2016 Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition (KIAE), which was held in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center this year.  


Our booth will be set in the Robots and Automation Zone; our booth number will be S4051.  Come and visit us at the event!


Visitors' Information for 2016 KIAE:





LEADERG R5 is a half-bodied humanoid robot, its "upper body" consisting of a robotic head, a torso, and two mobile robotic arms mounted on a monitor/counter set.  Equipped with binocular vision and dual-arm grippers, R5 is capable of handling repetitive or harmful tasks that cause severe eye strain in factory operators, cutting down human misjudgment, while promoting product quality and high yield rate of production lines.


Safer, more affordable, adaptable, and user-friendly than the expensive behemoths of traditional industrial robots, collaborative robots (co-bots) are gaining traction among small and medium sized enterprises worldwide, becoming their key to production upgrade to meet the challenges and demands of Industry 4.0 head-on.  Analysts predicted that the collaborative robotics sector will boost to over 1 billion US dollars in short five years between 2015 and 2020, almost 10 times more than its size in 2014.  A new emphasis on human-machine "collaboration" rather than "replacement" is emerging to become the next focus in robotics industry.


According to a recent productivity study conducted by researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in a BMW factory, a team formed by both human operators and robots work much more effectively and efficiently than a team solely formed by either humans or robots; meanwhile, when collaborating with their robot "colleagues," human operators' idle time can be cut down by 85%.  This division of labor seems to be an ideal match to the more complex operations on production lines: Robots can take on the dangerous, dirty, hazardous and/or repetitive tasks, leaving human operators to concentrate on those tasks requiring flexibility, creativity, and on-the-scene decision-making ability--all the while working alongside together without barriers and constant interruptions. 


Two elements must be prioritized above all else in designing a collaborative robot:  


(1) Safety First:  Since, unlike its traditional caged-and-barred counterparts, collaborative robots work closely with human operators day to day, human health and safety issues must be held to the highest standard in the design of forms and functions of co-bots.  For example, they must be equipped with highly advanced tactile and pressure sensors, so that they will automatically evade contact and/or change paths when sensing a human body is nearby.  


(2) Easy Manipulability and Adaptability:  One of the greatest strengths of co-bots is their "plug-and-play" user friendliness, so their overall design must aim to significantly lower the thresholds of setting up, operating, and reprogramming the robots to fit the requirements of a working environment--with an ultimate goal to ease human-machine interaction in mind.


LEADERG INC. developed LEADERG R5: Humanoid Collaborative Robot with the ultimate goal of helping people; people are LEADERG's true focus, while robots play a more assistive role.  Through human-machine collaboration, robots act as helpers and performers of tasks, acting under human supervision and decisions; as enhancement of human beings, rather than replacement. 




LEADERG R5 Humanoid Collaborative Robot-02294.png


LEADERG R5 Humanoid Collaborative Robot-02293.png


LEADERG R5 Humanoid Collaborative Robot-02306.png


LEADERG R5 Humanoid Collaborative Robot-02301.png


LEADERG R5 Humanoid Collaborative Robot-02299.png


LEADERG R5 Humanoid Collaborative Robot-02302.png


LEADERG R5-Facing Production Line-1.jpg


LEADERG R5-Facing Production Line-2.jpg


LEADERG R5-Facing Production Line-3.jpg


LEADERG R5-Facing Countertop-2.jpg


LEADERG R5-Facing Countertop-3.jpg


LEADERG R5-Facing Countertop-1.jpg




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