LEADERG INC. will demonstrate OpenR8: A.I. Algorithms GUI Software and LEADERG A15 for MEMS: Cloud-based AOI System.
2017-07-31 03:59:49
Mr. Mingta Li was selected to enter Asia America Multi-Technology Association Taipei's Sixth Startup Accelerator Project. (Image Source: Business Next Magazine)
2017-08-07 10:58:05
LEADERG R8: A.I. Algorithms GUI Software aims to provide easy adjustment of algorithms and individual parameters without the need to code.
2017-06-19 07:54:10
On Wednesday, 24 May 2017, at 4 pm, Mr. Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC, was invited to share his hands-on industry experience and knowledge in his talk.
2017-06-01 04:24:46
From 21 to 24 April 2017, LEADERG INC. exhibited LEADERG R8 - A.I. Algorithms GUI Software at the Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition (KIAE)!
2017-05-19 09:55:08
On 7 December 2016, LEADERG INC. was invited to exhibited collaborative robot, LEADERG R5, at the 2016 GISA Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Convention.
2016-12-20 09:10:01
Mingta Li, the founder of LEADERG INC. (ticker symbol: LEADERG TECH (7505)), was invited to speak at the event about the current market status of collaborative robotics
2017-06-01 04:22:49
On Wednesday, 12 October 2016, at 2:00 PM, LEADERG INC. held its first public capital raising in its Taipei headquarters, introducing future products and services in pr
2016-11-08 10:21:41
On 28 September 2016, LEADERG INC. (ticker symbol: LEADERG TECH (7505)) was listed on Taipei Exchange's Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GIS
2016-11-07 07:18:31
From 31 August to 3 September 2016, LEADERG INC. would demonstrate self-developed A.I. Robot "LEADERG R5" at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F.
2016-09-13 09:37:25
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